GIS: History

Assessor Property Records on the Beacon Website

The Beacon website is the result of years of cooperation between the various offices and departments in Mahaska County. Below is a short history of the project.

In 1994, the Assessor's Office commissioned ProMap Corporation of Ames, Iowa, to develop a Geographic Information System to automate and improve agricultural land valuation. In 1998 and 1999 additional cadastral and photographic layers were added to the geo-database and the following departments were encouraged to participate: Auditor, E911, and Engineer.

Soon after, the Information Technology board was established and Jon Lubke was hired as the County's GIS Coordinator. In 2001 the "MAGIC" website was developed in cooperation with ProMap to deliver the following types of public information via the World Wide Web: Real Estate - Mapping, Property Assessment, and Tax Administration. This site is continually being updated and improved to serve the citizens of Mahaska County.

The "MAGIC" site has since been upgraded and renamed Beacon.