Veterans Affairs: Benefits

Procedure for Applying for Benefits

  1. Completion of application for benefits
    can be obtained from the Veterans Affairs Office

  2. DD Form 214, Report of Separation from Armed Forces or Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty

  3. Certificate of Marriage
    if applicable

  4. Child or children's Birth Certificate(s)
    if applicable for those under 18 years of age

  5. Social Security Cards

Application for Assistance

Application for assistance shall be submitted by indigent veterans to the Director at the Veterans Affairs Commission Office in Oskaloosa, Iowa during usual business hours upon forms provided by the Commission. If, because of undue hardship, an indigent veteran cannot come to the Veterans Affairs Office, the Director shall mail such veteran an application form or deliver to such veteran the application. If the applicant or the family unit is or appears to be eligible for assistance from any other Federal, Sate, or local source the Director shall immediately refer the applicant to that source. It shall be the obligation of the applicant to immediately make application to that source and pursue such application with due diligence as a condition to be eligible for further relief under this ordinance. It is the obligation of each veteran applying, to establish eligibility for any category of veterans assistance and need for any items of assistance. If requested, the veteran applying shall provide the Commission with a verified statement of net worth, authorization, and anything else requested by the Commission that bears upon the veteran's eligibility and need for assistance. The Commission may also require, upon approval of the Board, that the applicant submits to a physical or mental examination to determine applicant's capacity to labor.

Temporary Benefits

We honor each application as an individual case. We reserve the right to refuse benefits to an applicant who has not proven to be indigent. We shall recommend all applicants seek employment, same of which includes a veteran's wife, unless disability is a factor in the domicile. We shall instruct a veteran or widow of a veteran with minor children to sign up for unemployment compensation or unemployed Fathers, if applicable in their particular case. If indigent, we shall grant benefits to them until they are granted above aid.

In counsel with applicants for benefits from our County Commission of Veterans Affairs, we Commissions and Director emphasize to each that our benefits are for the indigent, on a temporary and emergency basis.

We do not administer a County Pension Program.