Board of Supervisors

Mahaska County Board of Supervisors
Mahaska County Courthouse
1st Floor, East Side
106 South 1st Street
Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577

Phone: (641) 673-3469
Fax: (641) 673-8979

Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, Monday through Friday

Mission Statement

To collectively plan, finance and deliver to the citizens of Mahaska County services that are mandated and based on community needs in the area of public safety, public health, human services and administration. These services will be delivered at an optimum level maximizing available resources and distributed fairly in a manner that instills public confidence in government.

General Information

The Board of Supervisors is the executive and administrative branch of county government. The supervisors make policy for the county, administer the various county programs and have final authority over the county budget. Its main responsibility is setting a county budget to meet the needs of the rural population in the township areas and the human service needs of the entire county.

The budget process begins in the late fall and is certified to the State of Iowa by the following March 15th. The county operates on a fiscal year that runs from July 1 through June 30.

The three members of the Board of Supervisors are elected at large and serve overlapping four year terms. The Board of Supervisors is the executive and legislative branch of county government. Their authority embraces practically every aspect of county government.

The Board of Supervisors approves budget requests and appropriates the budgets and programs for all county government. The Board of Supervisors oversees the health and social service needs for all county residents. The board also oversees land use planning and fiscal policy.

County Boards and Commissions:


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Schedule of appointments by Board of Supervisors to boards & Commissions listed above.


* -Denotes that it is made up of elected officials